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Recap from the Prospect, Ct Easter Egg Hunt, Amber Alert Event

Posted by Dave Jones Realty on March 24, 2008

100_1729.jpgProspect Ct Easter Egg Hunt Town Green

This past Saturday was the annual Prospect, Ct Easter Egg hunt and Lunch with the Easter Bunny.

The event was VERY well attended, and here are some photos.  Two general observations as pointed out by my 4 year old son…

1) There actually aren’t any “Eggs” at the Easter egg hunt.  It is just candy.   lots and lots and lots of Candy.  It is scattered all around on the town green, and when Mayor Bob Chatfield blows the air horn, it is every child for themselves.

2) Lunch with the Easter Bunny isn’t exactly “Lunch with the Easter Bunny”.  The Easter Bunny isnt in the same room where the Lunch is.  The main hall of the Prospect Fire House is used to serve the Hot Dogs, Chips and cookies.   After lunch you go down the hall and wait to see the Easter Bunny and take your photos. 

After you see the Easter Bunny, you get a coupon from the Big Dipper Ice Cream for a $1 off a kids cone.  Once you exited the Easter Bunny you are actually in the Firehouse Garage.  This is also great for the kids.  The Prospect Fire Department has everything opened up so everyone can see.   All the compartments on the firetrucks, the doors to the trucks, etc.  Very nice.  This is also where the Amber Alert people were setup, and the Prospect Ladies auxiliary was there selling flowers as well.  It was a tremendous turnout and the money from the Lunch went to the Ladies Auxiliary.

If you arent familiar with the Amber Alert Program you can find out more about it here.  It is a MUST for parents nowadays.

The national link is

the Connecticut link is.

Prospect Ct Fire Department Amber Alert


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