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New Kids in Motion Park and Playscape in Cheshire, Ct

Posted by Dave Jones Realty on June 8, 2008

kids in motion park in cheshire

cheshire CT Playscape

Prospect Playscape


Cheshire recently opened a new Playscape for the kids and we visited it this past week.  I have never seen anything like this, and it is a true must see.

Cheshire Playscape

Cheshire Realty

That is the map link to the location, although what is shown is the OLD playscape, not the new one.  There is so much to do and we spent two hours there, the time just flew.  Everything from a sandbox area, to a Spider web climbing area, a large rock climbing unit, several playscapes, Picnic areas, etc, etc.  There also seems to be a large emphasis on safety.  The padding underfoot of several sections is a composite material that is very spongy.  It seems like the truely spared no expense.

Cheshire Playscape

Prospect Realtor

Cheshire Real Estate


Cheshire ct Kids in Motion

cheshire CT Playscape

kids in motion cheshire ct



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