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Prospect Annual Sock Hop Car Show on the Green.

Posted by Dave Jones Realty on August 16, 2008

While I was in town hall today I noticed Mayor Bob getting some new fliers printed.  I brought them home and scanned them.  This is for the annual Sock Hop on the Green in Prospect.  He said they expect 4,000 people, and close to 500 cars.  It is one of the biggest in the state now.  There will be all the local vendors setup too

The Dairy Bar will be doing Phlly Steak sandwiches, Fries, Burgers & Dogs

Baki’s Pizza will be there along with;

Prospect Pizza

Spill the Beans

The Big Dipper Ice Cream

The Flower Farm with corn on the cob and watermelon

and several others.  THere will also be 3 live bands playing.  It is always a GREAT Time!


It is Sunday August 24th, 2008 on the Town Green in Prospect.


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