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Searching for a home in Prospect, Ct? Look here first.

Posted by Dave Jones Realty on June 7, 2010

Our Site, will not only show you all the currently listed homes in the area, it will show you what is under deposit, and  even WHAT HAS SOLD!

This is all valuable information to make an educated home purchase, or info to give you an idea of what to expect your home to sell for!

You can also look at all the homes for sale in Connecticut currently at

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Real Estate in Prospect Ct, Is now a good time to sell? Ask a REALTOR in 06712

Posted by Dave Jones Realty on August 6, 2008

Everybody wants to know how to properly time the Volatile Housing market to make out the best when buying or selling a home. It’s just natural. This is especially true if you’re thinking about buying in a down market where homes prices are declining. You wonder how low they will go and whether you should wait, right?   

If you sell and “buy up” simultaneously, you’ll still be ahead of the game because the price reduction on the purchase is greater than the loss on the sale.  By “Buying Up” I mean purchasing a larger, more expensive house than the one you are selling.

Let me show you exactly what I mean.  If your present house is worth $300,000, but because of high inventory and the lack of qualified buyers, you must reduce your price by 15%. So, instead of receiving $300,000, you would get $255,000 and “lose” $45,000.  If you are planning to move up to a $500,000 house, which is located in the same down market, you could probably buy that house at that same 15% discount or $425,000. This would mean you had saved $75,000.  So you “lost” $45,000 on the sale of your home but you “made” $75,000 on the purchase of your new home So you are actually $30,000 ahead. 

If you are downsizing then the reverse is true.  You are taking a bigger loss on the sales price, and the amount you are gaining buy “buying down” will be smaller.

Another Huge thing to consider, the interest rates!

It is also VERY important to monitor which way interest rates are moving? Are they moving up or moving down? If interest rates are near an all-time low and beginning to inch upwards, waiting could cost you far more than you would think. You might not be able to afford to buy a home at any price.

*Each .25 (1/4) point increase in your interest rate gives you $12,500 less in purchasing power

 *Each .50 (1/2) point increase in your interest rate gives you $25,000 less in purchasing power.

*Each 1 point increase in your interest rate gives you $50,000 less in purchasing power.  

*Each 2 point increase in your interest rate gives you $100,000 less in purchasing power.

*Each 2.5 (2 ½) point increase in your interest rate gives you $125,000 less in purchasing power.

Look at the Differences Among Purchase Prices versus Interest Rates

If you put down 20% and take a 30 year mortgage for the 80% balance, here are your principal and interest payments on the following purchase prices:

$425,000 sales price, at 8.25% interest, your payment is $2,554.

$450,000 sales price, at 7.75% interest, your payment is $2,579.

$475,000 sales price, at 7.25% interest, your payment is $2,592.

$500,000 sales price, at 6.75% interest, your payment is $2,594.

$525,000 sales price, at 6.25% interest, your payment is $2,586.


The payments are almost identical. However, the home you can afford to buy a 8.25% is $100,000 less than the home you can afford to buy at 6.25%. If you wait for home prices to further decline, the actual value could be lost due to higher rates.  The best thing to do is talk to a Mortgage Company or your local bank and find out what rates you qualify for.  This will help you to make a decision that works best for you and your family. 







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Family fun in Connecticut.

Posted by Dave Jones Realty on January 15, 2008

Family Activities and things to do in Connecticut (edit/delete)

With Spring right around the corner I thought I would take a minute and post a detailed response to a question I get from many of my Real Estate clients relocating to Connecticut. 

“What is there fun for kids to do in Connecticut.”  There are actually quite a few BIG attractions as well as some smaller, often over looked one.

Beardsley Zoo LogoBeardsley Zoo- A great local zoo with many different attractions throughout.  Located in Bridgeport Ct. Adults are $9 to get in, children under 3 are free.  One good idea is to check at your local library for FREE passes.  I know the Prospect, Cheshire and Waterbury library all carry passes.  I’m sure other towns do as well.

Connecticut Dinosaur Park- The largest collection of Dinosaur tracks in North America. It is located in Rocky Hill, Ct.  it has several interactive displays and is always a hit with the young Dino Fans.

  Keeping with the Dinosaur Theme is Dinosaur Crossing There is a 50 acre Dino park with over 1 1/2 miles of walking trails.  Here they have very realistic looking Life-sized dinosaurs.  There is also a small water area for the kids to cool off called the splash pad.  Inside there is a huge gift shop and some indoor activities.  These indoor activities are separate, and get very expensive. 

essex steam train

Another must see is the Essex Steam Train  Here you can embark on a hour long train ride through scenic Connecticut River Valley.  They also stop off at the Essex steam boat for an optional cruise down he Connecticut river. You can by a family pass for 2 adults and up to 6 children on the Train for $50.

A great place for children to go and get hands on interactive learning is the Connecticut Children’s Museum in West Hartford. There are several interactive displays, a play area for smaller children, and even a theater that plays movies on the ceiling called the “Dome”.  This is another attraction that free passes or discount passes can be found at your local library.  They even have some small animals like bobcats, snakes and owls. children's museum

There are two amusement parks in Ct.  the first and largest is Lake Compounce in Bristol.  This park has everything from roller coasters to log flumes, and bumper cars to a water park. The season pass is $69.99 and will pay for itself in a little over 2 visits Since admission is $33.95. per person, per day.  The park is known for its famous wooden Roller Coaster.  In recent years they have really spent a lot of money upgrading their water park and it is really a place you can spend a day in itself.  There is also a private beach on the lake where you can bask in the sun.

This is part one, I will post part 2 early next week!

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Search the Ct MLS of all home listings from our site

Posted by Dave Jones Realty on November 3, 2007

Lori and I have just signed up with MLSPulse and now our clients can search the internet for a home in any Connecticut town.  Whether you are looking to buy a house in Prospect, Wolcott, Naugatuck, etc, or anywhere, we have a one stop solution.  Simply go to and sign up!  We are really excited, it will allow our clients to set u their own personalized search that allows them instant access to all new listings. This means regardless of the listing office,  whether it is Smedes Realty, Pavlik Real Estate, Coldwell Banker, Remax, etc… You will get it emailed to you instantly if it meets your search criteria.

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