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It is going to hit 100 Degrees here in the Prospect, CT area. Here is a quick list of thing you can do to keep cool!

Posted by Dave Jones Realty on July 6, 2010

Today here in Connecticut, (and most of New England) we are expected to have record high temperatures.

The air already feels like Pea Soup with the Humidity and with temperatures hitting 100 degrees, I thought I would post a list of things to do, or places to go, to cool off.

  1. Head to the local library. If you have kids the local library could be a quick and easy (and inexpensive) retreat. The Prospect library for one has a great children’s play area, Free Internet access, all the newest books and even DVD’s. Plus the A/C is REALLY cold in there.
    Prospect Connecticut Public Library

    Prospect Public Library

  2. If you want to head out into your yard, find a nice shady spot, bring a big jug of a frosty beverage, and set up a sprinkler. It will do the grass and you a lot of good! Be sure to save your yard work for another day.
  3. If you are in the Prospect / Cheshire area and are in the mood for a beach but don’t want to head for the shore, then check out Mixville Park in Cheshire. There is a picnic area, a large playground for the kids and of course, a beach. Parking is less expensive for Cheshire residents so bring your ID’s.
    Cheshire Ct Mixville Pond

    Cheshire Ct Mixville Pond

  4. If you are in the Waterbury / Wolcott area you have a place close to you, Woodtick (Scoville) Reservoir in Wolcott.
    Scoville Woodtick Dam and park in Wolcott

    Scoville Woodtick Dam

  5. It’s always good to head to a movie in the extreme heat. Some of our local theaters still have discounts on Tuesdays. With the price of movie tickets what they are now, look for a discount!
  6. Head out to a local Ice Cream Shoppe like the Big Dipper Ice Cream in Prospect, The Prospect Dairy Bar in Prospect, Scooples Ice Cream in Cheshire or Wentworth’s Ice Cream in Cheshire. You still have to go out in the heat to get to them, but for a few moments you will have a creamy escape!



    Whatever you decide, please remember to keep hydrated and do not over due it!

If you are going to be in the sun load on the Sunblock.

Prospect Cheshire real Estate

Shady Relaxation


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Searching for a home in Prospect, Ct? Look here first.

Posted by Dave Jones Realty on June 7, 2010

Our Site, will not only show you all the currently listed homes in the area, it will show you what is under deposit, and  even WHAT HAS SOLD!

This is all valuable information to make an educated home purchase, or info to give you an idea of what to expect your home to sell for!

You can also look at all the homes for sale in Connecticut currently at

Dave Jones, Broker/Owner

Certified Distressed Property Expert

Dave Jones Realty, LLC

PO Box 7363, Prospect, CT, 06712

866-612-8376 Office

866-612-0724 Fax

203-910-2638 Cell

Get Social with Us!


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Prospect Annual Sock Hop Car Show on the Green.

Posted by Dave Jones Realty on August 16, 2008

While I was in town hall today I noticed Mayor Bob getting some new fliers printed.  I brought them home and scanned them.  This is for the annual Sock Hop on the Green in Prospect.  He said they expect 4,000 people, and close to 500 cars.  It is one of the biggest in the state now.  There will be all the local vendors setup too

The Dairy Bar will be doing Phlly Steak sandwiches, Fries, Burgers & Dogs

Baki’s Pizza will be there along with;

Prospect Pizza

Spill the Beans

The Big Dipper Ice Cream

The Flower Farm with corn on the cob and watermelon

and several others.  THere will also be 3 live bands playing.  It is always a GREAT Time!


It is Sunday August 24th, 2008 on the Town Green in Prospect.

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Mayor Bob’s Summer fun week in Prospect Connecticut

Posted by Dave Jones Realty on August 16, 2008

Here is another upcoming event in Prospect.  Summer Fun week it is called!  Mayor Bob and the town of Prospect put it on every year before the kids head back to Region 16.

What a great time it is, if you have children or your grand children, go there.

Below is the flyer.

Prospect Ct Summer Fun Week


It is on the town Green in the Center of Prospect.  It is August 18th-August 24th.

Every day there are different activities and snacks for the kids.

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Real Estate in Prospect Ct, Is now a good time to sell? Ask a REALTOR in 06712

Posted by Dave Jones Realty on August 6, 2008

Everybody wants to know how to properly time the Volatile Housing market to make out the best when buying or selling a home. It’s just natural. This is especially true if you’re thinking about buying in a down market where homes prices are declining. You wonder how low they will go and whether you should wait, right?   

If you sell and “buy up” simultaneously, you’ll still be ahead of the game because the price reduction on the purchase is greater than the loss on the sale.  By “Buying Up” I mean purchasing a larger, more expensive house than the one you are selling.

Let me show you exactly what I mean.  If your present house is worth $300,000, but because of high inventory and the lack of qualified buyers, you must reduce your price by 15%. So, instead of receiving $300,000, you would get $255,000 and “lose” $45,000.  If you are planning to move up to a $500,000 house, which is located in the same down market, you could probably buy that house at that same 15% discount or $425,000. This would mean you had saved $75,000.  So you “lost” $45,000 on the sale of your home but you “made” $75,000 on the purchase of your new home So you are actually $30,000 ahead. 

If you are downsizing then the reverse is true.  You are taking a bigger loss on the sales price, and the amount you are gaining buy “buying down” will be smaller.

Another Huge thing to consider, the interest rates!

It is also VERY important to monitor which way interest rates are moving? Are they moving up or moving down? If interest rates are near an all-time low and beginning to inch upwards, waiting could cost you far more than you would think. You might not be able to afford to buy a home at any price.

*Each .25 (1/4) point increase in your interest rate gives you $12,500 less in purchasing power

 *Each .50 (1/2) point increase in your interest rate gives you $25,000 less in purchasing power.

*Each 1 point increase in your interest rate gives you $50,000 less in purchasing power.  

*Each 2 point increase in your interest rate gives you $100,000 less in purchasing power.

*Each 2.5 (2 ½) point increase in your interest rate gives you $125,000 less in purchasing power.

Look at the Differences Among Purchase Prices versus Interest Rates

If you put down 20% and take a 30 year mortgage for the 80% balance, here are your principal and interest payments on the following purchase prices:

$425,000 sales price, at 8.25% interest, your payment is $2,554.

$450,000 sales price, at 7.75% interest, your payment is $2,579.

$475,000 sales price, at 7.25% interest, your payment is $2,592.

$500,000 sales price, at 6.75% interest, your payment is $2,594.

$525,000 sales price, at 6.25% interest, your payment is $2,586.


The payments are almost identical. However, the home you can afford to buy a 8.25% is $100,000 less than the home you can afford to buy at 6.25%. If you wait for home prices to further decline, the actual value could be lost due to higher rates.  The best thing to do is talk to a Mortgage Company or your local bank and find out what rates you qualify for.  This will help you to make a decision that works best for you and your family. 







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